5 Most Photogenic Spots on Campus

On a campus as beautiful as Rhodes, it’s nearly impossible not to whip out your phone and photograph everything in sight. From towering oaks to Gothic facades, this place is about as good as it gets. Here are some of our top five underrated places to take pictures:

1. The “Campus Life” sculpture in front of the Rat
We pass it about a thousand times a day but rarely stop and take a look at this patinaed work by former art Prof. Lawrence Anthony. It’s really an amazing piece, filled with different kinds of people, from bicyclists to musicians. The staging of the figures and the texture of the medium make for an interesting composition. 

2. Hassell Hall (pictured)
A sometimes forgotten building (unless you are a music major), it truly makes for a great shot. The ivy-covered windows alone are enough to get your artistic genius flowing—and then there is the beautiful archway leading inside.

3. Oak Alley
One of the most iconic spots on campus is a great place to snap a pic. Because so many people photograph it, try mixing it up a little—adjust your shutter speed for a longer exposure and go out there at an interesting time, like dawn or dusk.

4. The GeoDome
Not very many college campuses have such an exceptional piece of modern sculpture surrounded by Gothic style architecture. Capitalize on this uniqueness for a really interesting contrast picture.

5.  Buckman Hall
Tall trees, beautiful limestone, bustling students—Buckman is a classic. Taking shots in the fall and spring are especially rewarding because of the changing landscape surrounding the classic façade.