From the Alumni Relations Office

Dear Friend

 “…kind the fate that links our lives…”

This familiar quote from the Rhodes “Alma Mater” was featured in the college’s recent holiday email message to alumni. It poetically references the unique experience that we all share as graduates, regardless of the year on our diploma. 

For most of us, this unique bond began as soon as we arrived on campus. And it was strengthened daily by the life-changing connections we made throughout our college years. 

The Rhodes bond is equally rooted in the shared experience of living in Memphis. As with past generations, our current students still enjoy long walks through Overton Park, dining at downtown restaurants, sunsets on the river and the myriad other sights, sounds and tastes that make Memphis unique. 

Most important, our students benefit from being active members and participants in what makes Memphis tick. Internships and opportunities to serve abound, and education and community participation blend to form a well-rounded college experience that can only be found in an institution not isolated from the community, but an integral part of it. 

The Rhodes/Memphis connection is made stronger by our alumni, many of whom came to Memphis because of Rhodes and then made the city their home. Every day, Rhodes alumni contribute in extraordinary ways to Memphis and our alma mater. They add to the richness of the experiences and opportunities made available to our students, and for this we are forever grateful. 

“…keep lighted in our hearts the flame...” 

Warm regards, 

Tracy Vezina Patterson ’84