Anania Woldetensaye ’17 Featured In Article About Young Scholars Representing the Future of Health Care

A closeup of an African American male student wearing rectangular glasses, a big smile, and a red and black striped tie
Anania Woldetensaye, Class of 2017

Anania Woldetensaye, a Rhodes junior majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, is featured in The Tennessean about students representing the future of health care. According to the article, “The changing health-care industry is bringing increased access to care and coverage but also a greater need for a qualified, diverse workforce to deliver that care. Read more.

A graduate of Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic Magnet High School in Nashville, Woldetensaye has family ties in Ethiopia and aspires to become a physician. In Memphis, he has created ESL classes at Caritas Village and served as a volunteer interpreter at its medical clinic.