Department of International Studies Awards Newly Created Buckman-Mollerup Scholarships for Study Abroad

(From left) Anne Healy '19, Lily Flores '19, Sophie Tsagronis '19

Thanks to the generosity of Bob Buckman and Joyce Mollerup, the Department of International Studies (IS) has created a new study abroad scholarship program for IS majors and bridge majors. The Buckman-Mollerup Global Leadership Awards are merit-based, competitive awards for students interested in gaining an international perspective. Three students—Anne Healy, Lily Flores, and Sophie Tsagronis—were selected to receive the award to support their time overseas during spring 2018.

More about the scholarship winners:

Anne Healy ’19
Hometown: Dulles, VA
Major: International Studies
Location: Freiburg, Germany

“The program I will be participating in is through IES abroad, and it focuses exclusively on the European Union (EU). I will be taking classes on EU politics and relations with the United States. Additionally, the program includes almost three weeks of built-in travel where we will go to nine key EU Member States to study EU politics in a very hands-on way by meeting with EU officials and members of the policy community. 

“When I was applying to colleges, I knew I wanted to attend a school that supported studying abroad. I hope studying abroad will be a fun experience that teaches me a lot about the world and who I am as a young adult. I think the program will be a great opportunity to explore future career options and to get a better idea of what an international studies degree means in the real world.”


Lily Flores ’19
Hometown: South Orleans, MA
Major: International Studies and History
Location: Hyderabad, India

I am interested in studying more closely the sociocultural issue of sexual violence against women–specifically as this relates to the resurgence of the Indian feminist movement. Women’s groups have grown stronger and more active in India within the last five years and have taken control of the sociocultural conversation surrounding sexual assault—beginning with the education of young men. This resurgence in female resistance has created a fascinating social climate all over India within the last year. The discourse surrounding women’s rights and female sexuality is shifting within urban areas of India, and while living in Hyderabad I will be able to witness and study this sociocultural change. 

“As an international studies major, my education at Rhodes would not be complete without studying abroad. I hope to gain a broader cultural perspective about a part of the world I am completely unfamiliar with, as well as expand on my personal academic interests. When I return to Rhodes, I hope to bring a new perspective to our campus and to facilitate dialogues about the importance of cross-cultural interactions and the value of studying abroad.”


Sophie Tsagronis ’19
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Major: International Studies
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

“Prague offers an intriguing study abroad experience because of its location in Central Europe, “fairytale-esque” architecture, and vibrant history. The city of Prague and the Czech Republic have been the backdrop to revolutions, Cold War-era Soviet domination, and the transformation of political, cultural, and social identities away from communism. I will be taking classes focused on international relations and sociology, which complement my studies here at Rhodes. I am very excited to expand my studies beyond the Western framework, and begin to understand the intricacies of global political relationships.

“In Memphis, I have volunteered at the Refugee Empowerment Program and have learned firsthand how the city accommodates migrant populations. Prague will have its own set of challenges; I will be interested to see how the Czech government addresses the issue of migration. Being exposed to real-life migration politics in a different context—that of the European Union—will provide beneficial insight into the conversation here at Rhodes and in Memphis. Furthermore, the interaction between Western and non-Western states within the EU can increase my understanding of such powerful identities in the international system.

The opportunity to study abroad is immensely valuable for my academic pursuits, but also for my personal development. I am excited to see more of the world and connect with people from different backgrounds. I am so excited for this adventure to begin!”

Compiled by Ellie Johnson '20