Faculty Research and Creative Activity Roundup, January 2022

image of a book in a library

Rhodes College faculty continuously explore topics in their areas of expertise and produce publishable work. The roundup shares some of their research and creative activity in the last three months.

Prof. Sarah Ifft Decker of the Department of History is featured as Researcher of the Week by medievalJewishStudiesNow!

Prof. Joy Brooke Fairfield of the Department of Media Studies was director of performance for the world premiere of Interspecies Cyber Wedding to the Brine Shrimp at the HER Docs Film Festival.

Prof. Stephen Haynes of the Department of Religious Studies has published the book “Why Can't Church Be More Like an AA Meeting?: And Other Questions Christians Ask about Recovery.

Prof. Brent Hoffmeister of the Department of Physics has published “Comparison Of The Relative Performance Of Three Ultrasonic Backscatter Parameters Measured In Vivo At The Femoral Neck” in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Prof. Shadrack Nasong’o of the Department of International Studies has published “Political Science and African Political Epistemologies: The Dialectics on Developmentalist vs. Emancipatory Approaches” in Africa Development.
Prof. Michael Nelson of the Department of Politics and Law contributed to “Tennessee: From Bluish to Reddish to Red” in The New Politics of the Old South.

Prof. Aixa D. Marchand of the Departments of Psychology and Educational Studies is co-author of “Sociopolitical Participation Among Marginalized Youth: Do Political Identification and Ideology Matter?” published in Journal of Youth Development.

Prof. Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba of the Department of International Studies contributed to “On the Horizon 2022: Environmental Change and Security” published by The Wilson Center.

Prof. Nikolaos Zahariadis of the Department of International Studies has published “Policy Styles And Political Trust In Europe’s National Responses To The COVID-19 Crisis” in Policy Studies.