Homeless Gain Income Through Paper Started by Rhodes Students

Photo of a stack of newspapers printed by The Bridge Street Newspaper Organization.

The Bridge, a monthly street publication established this past spring by Rhodes students, aims to raise awareness around issues of homelessness while providing a sustainable source of income to currently and formerly homeless individuals who sell the paper as independent contractors.

In a recent article published in The Commercial Appeal about the paper’s efforts thus far, one vendor is reported to have made $400 the first month he sold the newspaper and more than $700 in September.

Andrew Jacuzzi, executive director of the Door of Hope, says in the article, “The Bridge gives men and woman who are normally ignored or avoided an opportunity to interact with the public. “I know it’s something that motivates them to get up, get outside and make as much money as they can. It’s great for their self-esteem.”

In related news, Rhodes student Sophie Anderson ’15 published a guest commentary in The Commercial Appeal titled “Homeless Need a Hand and a Handout.”