Huebner Writes Piece for Supreme Court Website

Dr. Timothy Huebner, L. Palmer Brown Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities and Chair of the Department of History, has written an essay for the award-winning SCOTUSblog, the leading source of information on the Supreme Court of the United States. Huebner’s essay details the “first Court-packing plan,” a mostly partisan attempt to change the structure and personnel of the Supreme Court during the Civil War. To read the essay, see

For the past three years, Huebner has served as associate editor of the Journal of Supreme Court History, published three times a year by the Supreme Court Historical Society in Washington, D.C. The essay is the first on the blog to highlight important events in the history of the Court, the result of a new partnership between SCOTUSblog and the Society.

Huebner, the author of a book on the history of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, regularly teaches courses on U.S. constitutional history and the history of the Supreme Court.