Leadership: Jason Hood ’87 Champions Causes to Make Memphis a Better Place

Jason Hood ’87, chief legal officer and chief administrative officer at Sedgwick, Inc., thinks of his job as a helping profession, according to an article in Memphis Crossroads Magazine. He is part of a team that provides third-party productivity management services to major employers for matters such as medical leave, credit card warranty claims, and worker compensation. “Every day, someone is having a traumatic event,” Hood says in the article. “We try to address them. We handle claims from all over. We are a business partner . . . We provide advice and counsel on legal issues.”

In his third year on the Memphis Chamber’s board of directors, he also is championing causes to make Memphis a better place. “I want to strive to improve, to realize potential. I would like to leave my workplace better than I found it. I would like to leave my community better than I found it,” Hood says.

Hood holds a B.A. in international studies from Rhodes. Read more about Hood’s leadership here.