Music and Healing Class Goes to Hope House

a hand on a drum

At Rhodes, the classroom often extends beyond the campus buildings. As part of Prof. Mona Kreitner’s  Fall 2015 Music and Healing course, students volunteer at Hope House, a non-profit that assists children and adults impacted by HIV and AIDS. 

“Many of the children we work with have expressive and communication problems.  Singing and teaching them new songs allows them to communicate with us and express themselves more easily,” says Jessica Rogowiec '17, a member of the class.  “In addition to that, the children laugh with us, we get them moving, and more importantly, we are building positive relationships.  Volunteering at Hope House is not only a learning experience for the children there, it also is a learning experience for the Music and Healing course students.  
“Music is a great medium for teaching teamwork and for allowing children to express their creativity,” adds Kreitner.  “It is also a lot of fun!”

“My experience with Hope House through Music and Healing has taught me the value of music in a group setting,” says Jacob Hill. “I started this class thinking music was mostly just for personal use. However, interacting and singing with the kids has shown me that music can be an extremely positive force for bringing people together, no matter their age. I have noticed a distinct improvement in the children’s behavior towards one another as well as their discipline and self-control. I am very thankful towards Dr. Kreitner for allowing me this opportunity.”