Rhodes College Adopts Test Optional Admissions Policy

Photo of statue of scholar with stone building and tree in background

Rhodes College will not require prospective students to submit SAT or ACT test scores for the classes entering the Fall of 2021, Fall of 2022, and Fall of 2023. The college is conducting a three-year test optional pilot project in light of the COVID-19 situation and cancellation of College Board and ACT test dates this spring.  

“We’ve heard from many of our prospective students, this is an uncertain and difficult time for them. We don’t want the uncertainty of SAT and ACT testing schedules to add to their stress.  At Rhodes we have always looked at the whole student. I’m confident that we will continue to recruit bright and talented students,” Vice President of Enrollment & Communications J. Carey Thompson says. 

The policy change was approved by the faculty’s Admission and Enrollment Committee and supported by the Faculty Governance Committee.  

Rhodes will join the more than 1000 colleges and universities that have already moved to be test optional.

During the three-year pilot project, the college will assess the policy and determine whether it should continue.