Rhodes College President Emeritus William E. Troutt Publishes Book on Strengthening Partnerships Between College Presidents and Governing Boards

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Rhodes College President Emeritus William E. Troutt has written a book titled A President’s Guide to Effective Board Leadership. Published by the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), this new resource details actions and attributes that will yield effective, mutually beneficial partnerships between higher education presidents and governing boards while elevating institutions’ long-term strategies.

Troutt has 35 years of experience as a college president, first at Belmont University and later at Rhodes College. He writes: “First of all, learning how to fully engage trustees and partner with them as thought leaders changed my life as a president. In many ways it transformed our board and the institution. It made trusteeship much more meaningful and fostered better decision-making and overall engagement with the institution. And my last decade of service as a president was much more joyful and productive. Secondly, in this unprecedented time of change when challenges abound and the future vitality of many institutions is in question, it’s time for ‘all hands on deck.’”

A President’s Guide to Effective Board Leadership covers strategies including recruiting and retaining the right trustees; influencing and establishing board culture; designing the trustee meeting; and cultivating thought leadership.

AGB is the premier membership organization that strengthens higher education governing boards and the strategic roles they serve within their organizations. A complimentary e-book version of A President’s Guide to Effective Board Leadership is available for AGB members on the website. It also is available for purchase in hard copy with a membership discount.