Rhodes Faculty Participate In Latin Course Development Seminar For National Consortium

Every summer, classics faculty from various institutions gather at the Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) in Washington, D.C. to develop a Greek course and a Latin course for Sunoikisis, a national consortium of Classics programs. The courses also are taught at the sponsoring institutions of participating faculty. Professors David Sick and Joe Jansen of Rhodes’ Department of Greek and Roman Studies participated.

Through lively discourse, participants broadened their knowledge and formulated a schedule of lectures and readings for “Greek Lyric Poetry” and “Latin Literature from the Early Republic.” Both will be taught this fall at Rhodes.

In addition, Rhodes Professor Kenny Morrell serves as director for the Center for Hellenic Studies Outreach, and student Mason Johnson ’15 is a summer 2013 Fellowships and Curricular Development Intern at CHS.