Rhodes Summer Programs

Here at Rhodes College, we are offered countless programs and service opportunities to go along with our regular schoolwork. These opportunities range from fellowships to summer classes, and they’re the perfect way to boost your resume or discover new passions or interests.

Summer Classes

Over the summer, Rhodes offers a schedule of 13 classes to choose from. While that may not sound like a huge number, keep in mind that each class that’s offered fulfills a foundation requirement, something that cannot be transferred from another institution and is required for graduation. The classes range from Statistical Methods in Psychology, a 200 level psychology course that fulfills the science requirement, to Meditation and Stress Reduction, a relaxing way to fulfill the PE requirement.

Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies

The Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies is a program aimed at allowing undergraduate students to perform independent research related to Memphis and the surrounding area. Fellows receive a $3,000 stipend, research expenses, and free housing on campus. The program lasts eight weeks, and fellows are encouraged to pursue their research beyond the summer by preparing their findings for publication or by pursuing honors research. Fellows typically write 30- to 40-page papers, in addition to presenting their research to the Memphis community. Participating in the program also fulfills a foundation requirement.

Maymester Programs

For those looking to experience a new country to expand their cultural horizons, Rhodes offers many study abroad programs over the summer, in addition to those offered during the school year. This summer, Rhodes students will be studying in Namibia, Spain, England, Belgium, and Russia in official programs, with students studying in plenty of other countries on their own. Rhodes has many Maymester programs that are led by Rhodes faculty—like British Studies, European Studies, and Rocky Mountain Ecology—you name it!

Summer Employment

Rhodes still has need for student employees during the summer months; in fact, there are dozens of positions available on campus, and countless more employment opportunities are available in the city of Memphis. For those wishing to work on campus, the positions range from a summer research assistant position in the sciences to developing coding skills while working on the school's web presence.

Summer Service Fellowships

Rhodes’ Summer Service fellowships allow students to give back to the community while still getting paid. Fellows work full time for nine weeks and are paid a generous $9.70 an hour. Past projects include working on health service grants, event planning for the Gandhi Institute, programming at local women’s centers, and developing art and literacy workshops at area schools, homeless shelters, and correctional facilities. Fellows will also complete a Foundation requirement.