Rhodes Team Named “Best Delegation” at Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature Session

Photo of Maddie McGrady, Megan Singer, Akvile Zakarauskaite, Aislinn O′Leary, Jolie-Grace Wareham, Betsy Swann, Kelly Johnson, Caroline Ponseti, Caroline Reed, Ali Swee and second row, l-r: Justice Thompson, Rochelle Gillenson, Hannah Strong, Brendan Tyler, Chandler Schneider, Bailey Kimmitt, Sumner Magruder, David Klemperer, Elliot Young, Chip Slawson.

Rhodes captured the “Best Delegation” title and several individual awards at the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature’s (TISL) 44th General Assembly held in Nashville Nov. 16-17.

The TISL annual session provides college students from across Tennessee the use of the capitol building to experience realistic governing situations by conducting legislative, judicial and other participatory programs related to state issues.

Rhodes’ 20-member team acted as legislators writing and arguing their own bills, lawyers who debated cases in front of the TISL Supreme Court, lobbyists of firms, and media personnel reporting on activities.

Rhodes sent a delegation of 11 members to Nashville for the first time in 2011, and the group came back with the title of “Best New Delegation, “which started a precedent for the team’s future success. The captain and founder is Betsy Swann ’14 and faculty advisor is Dr. Steve Wirls.

Individual awards at this year’s session went to:

Kelly Johnson ’14 and Aislinn O’Leary ’16-Best Lobbyists 
Sumner Magruder ’16 and Justice Thompson ’14-Prestigious Carlisle Award for the Top Legislators 
Caroline Reed ’16-Best Lobbying CEO 
Chandler Schneider ’15-Best Feature Article 
Chip Slawson ’14-Best Petitioner 
Betsy Swann ’14-Outstanding Senator 
Elliot Young ’15-Best Lobbying Firm