Students Initiate Campus Changes

The administration of Rhodes is very responsive to the requests of students in order to improve campus life. In fact, many additions and changes to the campus have been through the initiatives of students.

• Barret Library hours were extended to 2 a.m. on weekdays and to 24 hours during exam periods per the students’ requests. 
• Students came up with both the concept and the name of the Middle Ground, the coffee shop in the library. 
• The layout of West Village was largely influenced by students requesting suite common rooms and more singles. 
• The creation of the Bored Room, the on-campus pub, was an initiative of students returning from British Studies at Oxford that missed the pub scene. They asked the administration for a similar concept on campus. Thus, the renovation of the Lair along with the creation of the Bored Room, the actual pub, became a student project. 
• After students requested more table workspace in the Library, Rhodes converted the archives to digital form and created an additional 60 seats on the second floor of Barret.