Students Presented Academic Awards for 2019-2020

graphic of Halliburton tower with words student awards convocation

Provost Milton Moreland presented this year’s academic department and program awards virtually for the 171st Student Awards Convocation on May 1. The awards were streamed live on and Facebook. The winners are:

Africana Studies

Anna Julia Cooper Award

Kynnedy J. Tuggle; Memphis, TN
Amaree M. Austin; Mabelville, AR


Francis and Edwyna Hickman Award

Anuradha S. Iyer; Collierville, TN
William S. McLain; Baltimore, MD

Art & Art History

Apollonian Award

Jenna Gilley; Memphis, TN

Dionysian Award for Studio Art

Benjamin J. Aquila; Huntsville, AL

Sally Becker Grinspan Award for Artistic Achievement

Benjamin J. Aquila; Huntsville, AL
Annie Grace. Netterville; Memphis, TN
James G. Payne; Memphis, TN

William Bruce '11 Award for Outstanding Paper in Art History

Jenna Gilley; Memphis, TN

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Award for Outstanding Research

Itthipoaln Rasasack; Memphis, TN

Award for Outstanding Senior

William T. Freyaldenhoven; Memphis, TN


Award for Excellence in Biology

Simon A. McSweeney; Denver, CO

Award for Outstanding Research in Biology

Annie Ouyang; Lakeland, TN

Award for Excellence in First-Year Biology

Mary K. Freyaldenhoven; Conway, AR
Swati Kinger; Collierville, TN


Ralph C. Hon Leadership Award

Theodore Middle. Bilden; Chapell Hill, NC

CBIZ MHM Accounting Award Senior

Katelyn Curtis; Dallas, TX

CBIZ MHM Accounting Award Junior

Sarah M. Foster; Bella Vista, AR

Robert D. McCallum Competitive Enterprise Award

Jackson W. Nichols; Paris, TN

J. Allen Boone '71 Award for Excellence in Accounting

Andrew T. Morton; Johnson City, TN

John M. Planchon Sr. Award for Excellence in Commerce and Business

Ann H. Hutton; Memphis, TN

CRC First-Year Chemistry Award

Trevor R. Squires; Brentwood, TN

Michael E. Hendrick '67 Award in Organic Chemistry

Lily J. North; Madison, TN

William Spandow Scholarship in Chemistry

Angel C. Harris; Memphis, TN

Chemistry Senior Research Award

Keren W. Lee; Germantown, TN

ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

Erykah S. Starr; Minneapolis, MN

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

Keren W. Lee; Germantown, TN

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Mary Rose. Rutledge; Irondale, AL

ACS Division of Physical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry

Liam M. Rhodes; Hurst, TN

Seidman Award in Economics, Senior

Savanna A. Kurz; Fort Worth, TX

Seidman Award in Economics, First Year/Sophomore

Imaan Hussain; Collierville, TN

Lynn Nettleton Prize

John H. Medich; Sewickley, PA


Joye Fourmy Cobb Romeiser Award in Education

Cinthiya Bolanos Zamora; Memphis, TN



John R. Benish  Award for Excellence in the Study of English

Benjamin H. Freeman; Memphis, TN

Cynthia Marshall Award

Meg F. Jerit; Memphis, TN

Jane Donaldson Kepple Senior English Essay Prize

Mary A. Carpenter; Little Rock, AR

Allen Tate Creative Writing Award - Poetry

Henry S. Hale; Memphis, TN

Allen Tate Creative Writing Award – Prose

Matthew J. Harris; Memphis, TN

Jacob W. Rothschild; Metairie, LA

Environmental Sciences and Studies

Senior Award in Environmental Science

Claire C. McGuire; Whitehouse Station, NJ
Shannon L. Kane; Chicago, IL

Senior Award in Environmental Studies

Shirley J. Fontanié; Canoga Park, CA

Sophomore Award in Environmental Science

Sophie M. Enda; Dallas, TX

Sophomore Award in Environmental Studies

Lily C. Roberts; Charlotte, NC

Rosanna Cappellato Award in Environmental Science

Katie M. Tucker; Collierville, TN

The Steve and Riea Lainoff Crop Trust Fellowship in honor of Cary Fowler

Bailey E. Cate; Brentwood, TN

Film and Media Studies

Film and Media Studies Award for Excellence in Writing

Olivia M. Doty; Fayetteville, AR

Film and Media Studies Award for Excellence in Production

Adelaide M. Turpin; Southaven, MS

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Gender and Sexuality Studies Award for Academic Achievement

Anuradha Iyer; Collierville, TN

Susan Tidball Means Award

Tzvi A. Nadel; Superior, CO

Greek and Roman Studies

Spencer Greek Award

Abigail K. Morici; New Orleans, LA

Pharr Prize in Latin

Emma E. Hauck; Dallas, TX


John Henry Davis Award

Chandler N. Hall; Houston, TX

First-Year Student Award in History

Julia M. Seeds; Austin, TX

Phi Alpha Theta Award

Mathew J. Broussard; Baytown, TX

Douglas W. Hatfield Research Award in History

Jordan T. Snowden; Germantown, TN
Joseph C. Angelillo; Germantown, TN

International Studies

Bobby Doughtie Memorial Award

Noor Jaber; Collierville, TN

Bobby Doughtie Memorial Award

Jaclyn Flood; Portland, OR

Anne Rorie Memorial Award

Caitlin Gaine; Wantagh, NY

Donald Joseph Gattas Memorial Award in Middle Eastern Studies

Makenna Brandt; Austin, TX

John Franklin Copper Award for Excellence in the Study of Asia

Phyu Khine; Memphis, TN

Latin American and Latinx Studies

Outstanding Advanced Student in Latin American and Latinx Studies

Angelica Garza; San Antonio, TX

Outstanding First-year Student in Latin American and Latinx Studies

Melissa Diaz; Dickson, TN

Outstanding First-year Student in Latin American and Latinx Studies

Carlos Salas; Nashville, TN

Outstanding First-year Student in Latin American and Latinx Studies

Elizabeth Peña; Houston, TX

Outstanding Sophomore in Latin American and Latinx Studies

Eleanor Forrester; Memphis, TN

Mathematics and Computer Science

Jack U. Russell Award for Outstanding Senior in Mathematics

Jeena Piriano; Irving, TX

Jack U. Russell Award for Outstanding Senior in Computer Science

Jose Pastrana; Memphis, TN

Jack U. Russell Award for Outstanding Work in Second-Year Mathematics

Alexis K. Kohnke; Houtson, TX

Jack U. Russell Award for Outstanding Work in Second-Year Computer Science

Grace Hill; Glen Rose, TX

Jack U. Russell Award for Outstanding Work in First-Year Mathematics

Lillian E. Whitesell; Vinemont, AL

Jack U. Russell Award for Outstanding Work in First-Year Computer Science

Mary Fakes; Memphis, TN

William Spandow Scholarship in Mathematics

Evuilynn T. Nguyen; Cordova, TN

Computer Science Award

Kevin Wang; Marietta, GA

Modern Languages and Literatures

Jared Wenger Award

Austin D. Schmude; Hope Mills, NC

Thakker-Freeman Chinese Studies Award

Jacob A. Dill; Chattanooga, TN

Li Xiuying Memorial Award for Chinese Language Excellence

Anne E. Entz; Edmond, OK


Ruth Moore Cobb Award in Instrumental Music

Harley M. Chapman; Memphis, TN

Louise Mercer Award

Amanda L. Salazar; Miami, FL
Grace E. Tomeny; Memphis, TN

Louis Nicholas Award in Vocal Music

Raneem Imam; Cordova, TN

Jane Soderstrom Award in Music

Chandler N. Hall; Memphis, TN


Hunter Award for Excellence in Neuroscience

Maleelo Shamambo; Leigh Acres, FL

Award for Outstanding Senior in Neuroscience

Maleelo Shamambo; Leigh Acres, FL
Elise G. Moix; Conway, AR
Yavin V. Alwis; Brentwood, TN


Laurence F. Kinney Prize

Jacob Sullivan; Clarksville, TN


Award for Excellence in Physics by a First-Year Student

Nolan Brown; Cincinnati, OH

Award for Excellence in Physics by a First-Year Student

Eliza Howard; Weaverville, NC

Research Award in Physics

Duc Hoang; Memphis, TN

Physics Department Award

Doni Thomas; Memphis, TN

William Spandow Scholarship in Physics

Anna Murphree; Memphis, TN

Mac Armour Physics Fellow

Will Newman; Saint Johns, FL

Mac Armour Physics Fellow

Nolan Brown; Cincinnati, OH

Political Economy

Thomas M. Garrott Award

Jackson C. Griffey; Paris, TN

The Sophomore Political Economy Award

John W. Howell; Metairie, LA

Political Science

Seidman Senior Award in Political Science

Katherine N. Bryant; Cincinnati, OH

First Year Seidman Award in Political Science

Natalie L. Smith; Mt.Pleasant, SC

Mike Cody Award in Political Science

Morgan C. Brown; Jackson, MS

Abe Fortas Award for Excellence in Legal Studies

Matthew Diana; Pittsburgh, PA

Charlie Cook Award for Excellence in Political Science

Jessa E. Barmish; Austin, TX


E. Llewellyn Queener Award for Academic Excellence

Hibah Virk; Germantown, TN

Korsakov Award for Departmental Citizenship

Jacqueline Paiz; Chicago, IL

Rose and Solly Korsakov Psychology Research Award

Hannah Luckes; St. Louis, MO

Religious Studies

Religious Studies Award

Anna C. Browning; Acton, MA


Outstanding Senior Award

Jordana R. Terrell; Bradenton, FL
Roosevelt J. Singleton; New Orleans, LA

Mark Lee Stephens Memorial Scholarship

Eliana J. Mabe; Colorado Springs, CO 
Annabelle R. Babbitt; Magnolia, AR 
Raina S. Williams; Atlanta, GA

Urban Studies

Award for Excellence in Urban Studies

Emma M. Taylor; Memphis, TN
Anthony K. Eskridge; Memphis, TN


Interdisciplinary/Humanities Program Awards

The Search for Values in the Light of Western History and Religion

Fred W. Neal Prize

Walker R. Coleman; Cincinnati, OH

W. O. Shewmaker Award

Swati Kinger; Collierville, TN

Gladney Family Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Humanities

Diana Miranda; Memphis, TN



Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Junior Inductees

Anna M. Murphree; Memphis, TN
Katie E. Gaffney; Everett, WA
Benjamin L. Yaffee; Saint Louis, MO
Linhao Zheng; Memphis, TN
Ramiz A. Somjee; Collierville, TN

Mel Grinspan Outstanding Internship Award

Caitlin Gaine; Wantagh, NY

The Seidman Trophy in Athletics

John H. Medich; Sewickley, PA
Elise G. Moix; Conway, AR 

The Louise & Ward Archer Sr. Award for Creativity

Nathalie A. Tamez Guerrero; Austin, TX

Anne Howard Bailey Prize for Creative Writing

Caroline R. Bond; Pensacola, FL
Olivia M. Doty; Fayettevile, AR

Jane Hyde Scott Awards: 

Ruth Sherman Hyde Award in Music

Adam Wyatt; San Antonio, TX

Jeanne Scott Varnell Award in Classical Languages

Veronica Kilanowski-Doroh; Rochester, MI

Margaret Ruffin Hyde Award in Psychology

Hannah Milburn; Memphis, TN

Robert Allen Scott Award in Mathematics  

Xinwei Li; Xi’an, China 

Joseph Reeves Hyde Award in Religious Studies

Haley Barker; Memphis, TN


International Internships

Theodore William Eckels International Interns

Caroline F. Farrell; Germantown, TN
Edward E. Hall; Cape Elizabeth, ME
Ha V. Nguyen; Hanoi, Vietnam
Dalia E. Roth; Austin, TX
Andrei Iorga; Bucharest, Romania

Morrell Legg International Intern

Sarah M. Foster; Bella Vista, AR

Mertie W. Buckman International Interns

Jake J. Ahearn; Charlotte, NC
Jacob C. Fontaine; Flower Mound, TX
Claire E. DiFani; Saint Louis, MO
Khiem G. Nguyen; Ha Noi, Vietman
Logan M. Rogers; Lake Geneva, WI 
Magdalene A. Scott; Minneapolis, MN
Lauren R. Yenari; Sarasota, FL


Study Abroad Scholarships

Bob Buckman/Joyce Mollerup Scholarship for Study Abroad Award Spring

Alice Berry; Little Rock, AR
Keira Larson; Huntsville, AL
Anna Lebovitz; Collierville, TN
Rylan Lorance; McMinnville, TN
Yifei Zhang; Tengzhou, China


Post-Graduate Scholarships

Fulbright Scholarship

Jessica Frankl; Hillsborough, CA

Anatolia College Student Services Fellowship

Jenna Faust; Cincinnati, OH

Goldwater Scholarship

Ramiz Somjee; Collierville, TN

Emerson National Hunger Fellowship

Anthony Eskridge; Memphis, TN

Watson Fellowship

Maleelo Shamambo; Lehigh Acres, FL