Students Presented Departmental Awards

professors parade by the Diehl statue on graduation day

At the college’s annual Awards Convocation hosted by Academic Affairs on May 1, various Rhodes departments and programs recognized outstanding students. Special scholarships and awards also were announced including the Clarence Day Awards for outstanding teaching and research. Congratulations to this year’s recipients!



Francis and Edwyna Hickman Award: 
Stephanie Kasper
Leah Ford

Art & Art History 

Apollonian Award: 
Robyn A. Barrow

Dionysian Award for Studio Art: 
Ashley G. Porter

Sally Becker Grinspan Award for Artistic Achievement: 
Jingwen Luo

William Bruce ′11 Award for Outstanding Paper in Art History: 
Emily G. Dorward


Award for Excellence in Biology: 
Carlos T. Huerta
Margit K. Mikkelsen

Award for Outstanding Research in Biology: 
Alison A. Hanson

Award for Excellence in First-Year Biology: 
Jennifer F. Loome
Zain M. Virk


CRC First-Year Chemistry Award: 
Lisa R. Hsi 
Barry E. Rich

ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry:
Jennifer C. Rote

Michael E. Hendrick ′67 Award in Organic Chemistry: 
Haobo Yang
Shannon L. Speer

Chemistry Sophomore/Junior Award: 
Anna K. Hatstat

Chemistry Senior Research Award: 
Diana J. Bigler

William Spandow Scholarship in Chemistry: 
Anna K. Hatstat


CBIZ MHM Accounting Award Senior: 
Christopher L. Smith

CBIZ MHM Accounting Award Junior: 
Alexandra C. Reeder

Ralph C. Hon Leadership Award: 
Dy′nelle K. Todman

Robert D. McCallum Competitive Enterprise Award: 
Evan L. Katz

J. Allen Boone ′71 Award for Excellence in Accounting: 
Brooke A. Tomlin

John M. Planchon Sr. Award for Excellence in Business: 
Conor J. Pocino


Seidman Awards in Economics: 
    Senior: Chelsea E. Temple
    First-Year/Sophomore: Savannah I. Muir

Lynn Nettleton Prize: 
Taryn E. Burgess


John R. Benish Award: 
Kathleen P. Cannon

Cynthia Marshall Award: 
William G. Roudabush

Jane Donaldson Kepple Writing Prizes: 
    First-Year Student English Essay Prize: 
    Mark J. Robinson

    Senior English Essay Prize: 
    Kathleen P. Cannon

    Scholarly Essay Prize: 
    John B. Kimmitt

    Jane Donaldson Kepple Creative Writing Award: 
    Alexandra M. Cronin
    Christian A. Zoeller

Allen Tate Creative Writing Award: 
Phoebe W. Driscoll

Film Studies Award for Excellence in Writing: 
Demetria Ratchford

Film Studies Award for Excellence in Production: 
Rebecca Martin

Greek and Roman Studies

Spencer Greek Award: 
Mason L. Johnson

Pharr Prize in Latin: 
Ansel M. MacLaughlin


John Henry Davis Award: 
Matthew A. Moore

First-Year Student Award in History: 
Bailey L. Choudhury

Phi Alpha Theta Award: 
Harrison M. Donahoe

Douglas W. Hatfield Research Award in History: 
Sarah L. Flanders

National Society of The Colonial Dames in the State of Tennessee Award: 
Matthew R. Hicks

International Studies 

Bobby Doughtie Memorial Award: 
Jacob . Turner

Anne Rorie Memorial Award: 
Rhianna M. Taylor

Donald Joseph Gattas Memorial Award in Middle Eastern Studies: 
Rabab J. Iqbal

Mathematics and Computer Science 

Jack U. Russell Awards: 
    Outstanding work in First-Year Mathematics: 
    Saad Khalid
    Nicole Gsell

    Outstanding work in Second-Year Mathematics: 
    McKenna J. Davis
    William L. Cobb

    Outstanding Senior: 
    Shelby M. Scott

William Spandow Scholarship in Mathematics: 
Ethan M. Lawler
Jessica A. Pillow

Computer Science Award: 
David L. Thomas

Modern Languages and Literatures

Jared Wenger Award: 
Courtney M. Hornsby 
Alyssa L. Johnson

Thakker-Freeman Chinese Studies Award: 
David Klemperer


Ruth Moore Cobb Award in Instrumental Music: 
Rebecca M. Thompson

Louise Mercer Award: 
Katherine M. Robinson

Louis Nicholas Award in Vocal Music: 
Taylor R. Pankey


Laurence F. Kinney Prize: 
Andrea L. Tedesco


Award for Excellence in Physics by a First-Year Student: 
McKenna J. Davis

Research Award in Physics 
Mark E. Sellers
Phillip L. Spinolo

Physics Department Award 
Catherine J. Miller

William Spandow Scholarship in Physics 
Jordan S. Meyer
Anthony D. To

Mac Armour Physics Fellows 
McKenna J. Davis
Eleanor B. Hook
Anthony D. To
Blake E. Wilkerson

Political Science 

Seidman Awards in Political Science: 
    Senior Award: 
    Brendan M. Tyler

    First Year Seidman Award: 
    Noah B. Rinehart

Mike Cody Award in Political Science: 
Chandler B. Schneider

Abe Fortas Award for Excellence in Legal Studies: 
Corey M. Lipschutz
Elena R. Mosby

Charlie Cook Award for Excellence in Political Science: 
Caroline E. Ponseti


E. Llewellyn Queener Award for Academic Excellence: 
Sarah Koehler

Korsakov Award for Departmental Citizenship: 
Bhavna Kansal

Rose and Solly Korsakov Psychology Research Award: 
Ritika Mazumder

Religious Studies 

Religious Studies Award: 
Lauren S. Hales

Mollie Royall McCord Prize in Bible: 
Jenna M. Sullivan


Outstanding Senior Award: 
Colby T. Ruth-Holden
John E. Dee

Mark Lee Stephens Memorial Scholarship: 
Andrea O. Pajarillo 
Emily Q. Murphy
Caroline M. Pugh


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

Award for Outstanding Research in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology: 
Tina H. Dao


Joye Fourmy Cobb Romeiser Award in Education: 
Allyson Topps

Environmental Sciences and Studies 

Rhodes Early Career Award in Environmental Sciences and Studies: 
Alison A. Hanson 
Taylor L. Sieben

Rosanna Cappellato Award in Environmental Sciences: 
Catherine T. Miller
Miranda B. Rose

Cary Fowler ′71 Environmental Studies International Fellowship: 
Cierra D. Martin

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Gender and Sexuality Studies Award for Academic Achievement: 
Andrea Tedesco

Susan Tidball Means Award: 
Leah Ford

Latin American Studies

Outstanding Advanced Student in Latin American Studies: 
Ailsa M. Bryce


Hunter Award for Excellence in Neuroscience: 
Aubrey M. Schonhoff

Award for Outstanding Senior in Neuroscience: 
Alyssa L. Johnson

Political Economy

Thomas M. Garrott Award: 
Tyler L. Young

Russian Studies 

Spence & Becky Wilson Scholarship for Study in Russia: 
Beineon C. O Corcrain

Urban Studies 

Award for Excellence in Urban Studies: 
Kelly M. Drane

The Search for Values in the Light of Western History and Religion 

Fred W. Neal Prize: 
Alice S. Fugate

W. O. Shewmaker Award: 
Natalie M. Scanlon

Gladney Family Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Humanities: 
Samuel J. Holder

The Life: Then and Now Program 

Milton P. Brown, Jr. Award: 
Ellie M. Fratt

Robert G. Patterson Award: 
Jennifer F. Loome


Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Junior Inductees: 
Emily L. Cerrito
John M. Leverett 
Monali S. Lipman
Ansel M. MacLaughlin
Schaeffer L. Mallory
Catherine T. Miller
William S. Porter 
My T. Tran
Heting Zhu

Mel Grinspan Outstanding Internship Award: 
Alex J. Wang

The Seidman Trophy in Athletics: 
Sara E. Yanckello

The Louise & Ward Archer Sr. Award for Creativity: 
Emily E. Heine

Anne Howard Bailey Prize for Creative Writing: 
Taylor S. White

The Jane Hyde Scott Awards: 
Ruth Sherman Hyde Award in Music: 
Sarah R. Catanzaro

Jeanne Scott Varnell Award in Classical Languages: 
Ashton L. Murphy

Margaret Ruffin Hyde Award in Psychology: 
Brittany L. Alexander

Robert Allen Scott Award in Mathematics: 
Conrad E. Cook

Joseph Reeves Hyde Award in Religious Studies: 
Tara E. Connors


Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Award: 
Arielle N. Carpenter
Bailey M. Heldmar

Watson Fellow: 
Dianne Loftis

Theodore William Eckels International Business Interns: 
Nicholas A. Cavin
Suehad O. Eltayech
Julia L. Lovett
Alexandra C. Reeder
Todd M. Scheriger
Eric F. Wong
Heting Zhu

Morelle Legg International Intern: 
Emily C. Rizer

Mertie W. Buckman International Interns: 
Isabelle K. Bruner
Clayton S. Getchell
Anthony Malak S. Hanna
Frances A. James
Jessica P. Johnson 
Tiana L. Winstead 
Akvile Zakarauskaite

Bob Buckman/Joyce Mollerup Scholarship for Study Abroad Award: 
Elizabeth S. Poston
Jacob R. Turner
Miranda B. Rose
Monali Lipman 
Matthew S. Anderson
Anna Grace. Claunch
Alexandra J. Greenway
Lucille E. Right
McKenzie E. Drake
Samantha R. Ramsey
Meaghan K. Waff

Clarence Day Award for Outstanding Teaching: 
Prof. Loretta Jackson-Hayes

Clarence Day Award for Outstanding Research and/or Creative Activity:
Prof. Christopher W. Seaton