Summer Series Part II

Play Ball!

In the past few years, the Memphis Grizzlies have made a big impression in the NBA and have had a huge impact on Memphis. Well, it’s really cool that we have an NBA team here and all, but what is even cooler is that they play in Downtown Memphis, and the absolute coolest part is that the Rhodes Big Diehl Program can hook students up with $5 tickets!!! But aside from hosting the most rowdy fans of the Grizz Nation, the FedExForum also has many other events that take place there throughout the year. From big name concerts like Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake, to charity events like a performance from Tim Tebow’s band (yes, he’s in a band!), the FedExForum has something for every member of the Memphis community. NCAA and NBA games are always a blast and, of course, music is of the utmost importance here, so take a look at the calendar and get ready to experience the best of both the sport and music worlds in Memphis!

AutoZone Park

Also located Downtown is our Minor League baseball park, home of the Memphis Redbirds! Our park has the biggest videoboard in the Minor Leagues (yeah, we’re that good), an iconic mural created by Rhodes students, an amusement area, plenty of peanuts and cracker jacks, and the best part: super cheap bluff seats! AutoZone is a favorite pastime for students, because if you choose to sit in the bluff seats (and, let’s be honest, cheaper is almost always better when you’re in college) then you get to watch the game from the comfort of your picnic blanket on a grassy hilltop, and you can even get up and throw your own ball around. There’s also the amusement center with games, prizes, and more. And let’s not forget the seemingly endless chains of food carts . . . need I say more? The evening will more than likely end with a grand finale that will literally blow you away: a spectacular fireworks show performed right in the outfield of the park. Besides baseball games though, AutoZone also hosts concerts, so add it to your list of awesome music venues in Memphis to check out!