Survey Says: Things to Be Thankful For

a cat inside a cardboard box with a hole cut into it and text above the entryway that says "home sweet home"
Palmer Cat

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends or with your family around the dinner table, there is so much to be thankful for. We asked students, from first-years to seniors, what they were thankful for at Rhodes, and here’s what they told us.

Jeanne Wilkinson ’19, St. Louis, MO
Educational Studies
I am most thankful for kind and caring professors who take the time to get to know me and genuinely want to hear what I have to say. I have so many professors whom I feel close to after just three semesters here. I am lucky to attend a school where so many people want to help me succeed!

Shelton Clark ’18, Nashville, TN
International Studies
The honor system. It sets out the values we share as a college, and helps to instill a very strong sense of community here.

Kim Macharia ’18, Atlanta, GA
The people. One of the reasons attending Rhodes has been such a transformational experience is because of the love and support I've received from the Rhodes community. Every time I have a crazy idea like designing a screenwriting fellowship or creating my own major, faculty and staff alike happily work with me to bring my ideas to life. I'm so thankful to go to a school that lets me flourish and thrive. Attending Rhodes has been such an absolute blessing.

Michelle Ngo ’18, Memphis, TN
Computer Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies
I feel like Rhodes has given me many opportunities to challenge myself and grow, both academically and personally. I don't know if I ever would have gotten involved with queer activism if it weren't for the CityLynx program, or if I would have even been as comfortable and proud of my queer identity if it weren't for the support and love that I've gotten from the friends, faculty, and mentors (particularly through the Bonner program) that I've met at Rhodes.

Hailey Bauer ’20, Clarkston, MI
I am thankful for being in a place where I feel valued, where I am given a chance to learn, grow, make an impact on my community, and become a better version of myself. Most of all, I am thankful for Palmer Cat!

Olivia Lee ’18, Cincinnati, OH
Urban Studies: Urban & Community Health
I am most thankful that my college experience has not been limited to the physical campus of Rhodes College. My experience at Rhodes is synonymous with my experience in Memphis—learning how to make a home away from home for myself, learning to explore and get out of my comfort zone, learning how to meet new people and love them for where they're at, learning how to be deeply invested. Rhodes and its position within the greater city of Memphis have been invaluable for my educational studies, but also for my growth as a person. These are the things that I will always look to and be thankful for.

Corena Hasselle ’17 Dyersburg, TN
Political Science
I am most thankful for the many great and lifelong friendships I have gained over the past four years, as well as all that I have learned. Thanks to Rhodes, I not only know a lot more, but I have also changed and grown to be a more wholistic, curious, and happy person. (I will miss Rhodes!!)

Compiled by Swaneet Mand '18

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