Take Advantage of Big Diehl Events!

Part of the college experience is getting off campus to have some fun, which is often difficult on a college budget.  The Big Diehl program provides opportunities for students to experience Memphis and the surrounding area at little or no cost to them.  To give you a sense of the types of events the Big Diehl makes available to Rhodes students, here are some highlights from the Big Diehl’s offers for a recent semester. All events are at discounted prices.

1. Catch Me if you Can at the Orpheum. The historic Orpheum Theatre, often called “The South’s Finest Theatre,” is a renowned example of downtown Memphis’ architecture.

2. Kayaking on Ghost River. The Ghost River, located less from an hour from Memphis, refreshes the water purifier that supplies Memphis’ public water supply, which is rated one of the best in the world.

3. Memphis Grizzlies vs. Houston Rockets: The Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis’ beloved NBA basketball team, plays downtown in the FedEx Forum, aka The Grindhouse for the way the team seems to always grind out wins. The interior of the Forum is decorated with murals and paintings that highlight Memphis’ musical heritage. 

4. Camping at Cumberland Falls: Memphis’ location in the southwest corner of Tennessee provides ample opportunity to get away from city life and into the sanctity of nature.

5. Free movie passes: See the latest blockbusters or foreign films at one of Memphis’ Malco theaters.