Top Five Food Specials in Memphis

By Caroline Ponseti ‘15

Living in a city with as much incredible food as Memphis, it’s hard to stay in for dinner night after night.  But being on a college budget doesn’t have to keep you from eating great food. Check out these daily specials at restaurants across the city where you can get delicious meals at a discounted price:

1. Monday: Steak at The Green Beetle

The Green Beetle is a cozy dive bar on S. Main that has one of the best burgers in town.  If you’re craving a steak dinner, check out their Monday night special: $10 for a steak and baked potato after 4pm.

2. Tuesday: Fish and Chips at Celtic

If you’re looking for some authentic Irish cuisine, Celtic Crossing is the place to go.  Eating their 2 for 1 fish and chips deal in Celtic’s pub atmosphere will spice up any Tuesday.  The special lasts all day.

3. Wednesday: Hot Dogs at Chiwawa

Chiwawa, founded by a Rhodes grad, is a great spot for some Memphis-style Mexican fare.  They’re known for their tacos and hotdogs with a variety of funky toppings—try the BBQ and slaw—and all day on Wednesday, hotdogs are half off!

4. Thursday: Bottomless Spaghetti at Dino’s

Walk one block over to Dino’s on McClean for Thursday night bottomless spaghetti for $7.50.  You can choose between garlic butter, marinara, and meat sauce, and eat as much garlic bread as you possibly can.  The deal starts at 4 p.m.

5. Saturday: Oysters at Mortimer’s

Head down Summer Avenue on Saturday night for 60-cent oysters at Mortimer’s.  The restaurant is full of Big Star memorabilia and is known for its tasty steak and chicken options.

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