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Alumni Spotlight: Steve Ash ’06 Develops Technology for Good

After graduating with a degree in computer science at Rhodes College, Steve Ash ’06 earned an M.S. and Ph.D. and now works at Amazon in Seattle. He recently was one of sixty-five professionals who participated in the Tegan and Sara Foundation's Queer Health Hackathon, one example of his belief that technology can be used for good.
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Rhodes’ Camp Codette Encourages Girls Not to Be Afraid of Computer Science

In 2017, women made up only 26 percent of the computing workforce, according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology. Professors Betsy Sanders and Brian Larkins of Rhodes’ Department of Mathematics and Computer Science say they hope that with programs such as Camp Codette, that percentage will surge in the future.

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McKenna Davis Aims High

Goldwater Scholar and award recipient from the Women in Aerospace Foundation, physics and mathematics double major McKenna Davis '18 sets her sights on the field of aerospace.

McKenna Davis

More Recognition for Rhodes

Zippia, a new website dedicated to helping graduates with their career choices, recently listed the college in the top 10 nationally and first in Tennessee for “Best Colleges for Employment in Each State.”

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