Announcing the 2017 Mertie Buckman Interns

Three female students and one male student smiling for a group photo
Jordan Giles, Anna Lee Nabors, Claire Rickard, Caleb L. Fowler

In 1994, the Mertie W. Buckman International Internship Program was initiated by a generous gift from the Buckman family to provide outstanding international studies majors at Rhodes opportunities to work outside the United States during the summer months. Rhodes is proud to announce the 2017 Mertie Buckman Interns, who are all juniors this year:

Jordan Giles 
“I will be participating in an internship in Russia, most likely in Moscow, and hopefully in a position that engages my interests in international relations, politics, and governance. Prior to my summer internship, I will be studying at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations and gaining foundational knowledge in Russian politics, the political system of Russia, and the relations between Russia and other countries. I hope that this internship will continue my immersion in the sphere of international and Russian politics and will equip me with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in the field.”

Claire Rickard 
 “I choose to go to Jordan because of the passion I have for the Middle East. I am looking for an internship at an NGO in the sector of foreign policy or government. I am very excited to experience a completely different culture and language. I hope to be challenged by my time working in Jordan.”

Caleb L. Fowler 
“I am looking at internships in Brussels, Belgium, and Dublin, Ireland, that deal with either global politics or entrepreneurialism. As hubs of international politics and business, Brussels and Dublin both can provide excellent opportunities for me to explore what it is like to work within my fields of interest abroad. Wherever I end up, I am very eager to discover the charms and treasures of my host country while learning as much as I can from my internship.”

Laurie Williams 
“I am pursuing an internship at a nonprofit organization that resettles refugees in Spain. My work with the refugee community in Memphis during the past three years has challenged and inspired me, and I hope to develop a broader perspective about the critical global issue of forced migration –all while improving my Spanish skills!”

Anna Lee Nabors 
“I’m looking at internships focused on environmental policy and sustainable development in Western Europe. I’m looking at Western Europe because it has really become a hub for environmental innovation and alternate energy. I’m hoping to learn more about some of the incredible things that those countries are attempting to counter climate change and current environmental problems. Ideally, I’ll be able to use this opportunity to learn more about this global issue and consider what can be done at home.” 

In the photo (l-r): Jordan Giles,  Anna Lee Nabors, Claire Rickard, Caleb L. Fowler