Announcing Rhodes College’s Nominees for Prestigious Watson Fellowship

three individual head and shoulder images of students, placed side by side

Rhodes’ Postgraduate Scholarship Committee is endorsing three seniors to compete for the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, which provides a $30,000 grant for purposeful, independent exploration abroad. The Rhodes nominees and their proposed projects are:

Avani Alapati
Proposed Project: “Global Perspectives of Musical Improvisation and Healing”

Major: Neuroscience
Hometown:  Baton Rouge, LA

Gracie Collier
Proposed Project: “Spiritual Experience in the Travel to Sacred Spaces”

Major: Art History
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Rachel Fox 
Proposed Project: “Connecting the Individual to the World Through Storytelling”

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Orland Park, IL

Once selected, fellows execute their conceived projects by traveling outside the United States for one year. They decide where to go and when to change course. They do not have to affiliate with an academic institution or hold formal employment. The program is designed to produce a year of personal insight, perspective, and confidence. Qualities sought in the selection of fellows include imagination, independence, emotional maturity, courage, integrity, and resourcefulness.

Finalist interviews for the Watson Fellowship will be held this December and notification of winners will be made on March 15, 2019.