Collaboration Between Psychology Professor and Alumna Results in New Book on Conflict Narratives in Middle Childhood

the "Conflict Narratives" book cover with images of children and psychologists
Book cover

Dr. Marsha D. Walton, professor of psychology at Rhodes, and Dr. Alice J. Davidson, associate professor of psychology at Rollins College, have published a new book titled Conflict Narratives in Middle Childhood: The Social, Emotional, and Moral Significance of Story-Sharing. While a student at Rhodes, Davidson worked with Walton on research focusing on the ways children make sense out of emotional experiences and peer conflict through the personal narratives they share. Davidson graduated from 2002 and now includes students in her community-based research.

Conflict Narratives in Middle Childhood presents evidence from 20  years of research, examining nearly 3,000 narratives from 1,600 children in eight settings in two countries about their own experiences with interpersonal conflict. Walton and Davidson also acknowledge nearly 50 former students who worked on various parts of the projects described in the book. View it here