Econ Professor Marshall Gramm Profiled As One of the Best In the World at Handicapping Horse Races

head and shoulder image of a college professor

Dr. Marshall Gramm, professor of economics at Rhodes, is featured in an article in The Commercial Appeal as one of the best in the world at betting on horses. Recently, he finished ninth place in the National Horseplayers Championship.

The Feb.16 article goes on to talk about how Gramm teaches a racetrack wagering course at Rhodes in addition to teaching intermediate macroeconomics. 

“He’s probably got the only office on campus featuring a whiteboard with line graphs on one wall and a framed jockey silk on another,” writes Mark Giannotto. “It’s fascinating and confusing and unusual listening to him talk about how all this happened. How he became an academic steeped in almost every facet of horse racing. How the tenets of economics can give you clues into the pacing of a race or the integrity of a track. How evaluating and betting on horses can offer his students lessons in behavioral economics and model building.”

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