Faculty Research: Prof. Mike LaRosa Builds on Research on Colombia and Migration

an older man standing in front of a wall collage of colorful canvases
Prof. Mike LaRosa

Prof. Mike LaRosa is currently in Bogotá, Colombia conducting research on “out migration” from Colombia to other parts of the world.  “There are about five million Colombians living outside of Colombia, or 10 percent of the total population,” says LaRosa.
This research builds on a chapter in Prof. LaRosa’s most recent book Colombia:  A Concise Contemporary History.  The second edition of that book will be released in the spring.
In October, Prof. LaRosa will also speak on the topic of migration as part of a symposium titled “Migraciones y migrantes:  una Mirada histórica del Caribe y Colombia" at the Pontifical Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá.