Faculty Research Roundup, September 2021

image of a book in a library

Prof. Esen Kirdis of the Department of International Studies is author of “Islamic Populism in Turkey” published Sept. 6 in Religions.

The Survival Expo, a book of poems by Prof. Caki Wilkinson of the Department of English, was reviewed in The New York Times Sept. 9.

Prof. Michael Nelson of the Department of Politics and Law co-authored and edited two books—The Presidency: Facing Constitutional Crossroads (with Barbara A. Perry) and The Elections of 2020—both published by the University of Virginia Press (2021).
Prof. Aixa Marchand of the Departments of Psychology and Educational Studies is co-author of “We Who Believe In Freedom: Freedom Schools As A Critical Context For The Positive, Sociopolitical Development Of Black Youth” published Aug. 26 in Race Ethnicity and Education.

Prof. Joshua Goodman of the Department of Psychology has published “Parent Support For Same-Sex Relationships: Considerations For Clinical Work And Intervention Research” in Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice. He also presented his work at the 129th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.