Memphis Architecture Image Collection Goes Live

a student taking a picture of chairs lined up against windows

The Memphis Architecture Image Collection went live in DLynx this week. The collection includes images of architecturally and culturally significant sites in the greater Memphis area. This summer the Visual Resources Fellow, Lana Theriault ’19, a group of Engagement and Digital Scholarship Fellows (funded by the Mellon Foundation), and Visual Resources Center student employees traveled around Memphis taking high-quality images of selected buildings. The students researched each site and wrote rich metadata describing each site. The student team gathered and organized metadata, edited images, and prepared the data set for ingestion into DLynx, Rhodes’ digital archive and repository.

The student team will continue to document significant sites in Memphis during the 2016-2017 school year. If you have any suggestions or want to know more about the project, please email Lana Theriault at

Many thanks to the Mellon Foundation, the Memphis Center, Urban Studies, the Art Department, Fellowships, and the Digital Preservation and Scholarship folks in Barret. A big shout out to the summer student team including Aylen Mercado ‘19, Jill Fredenburg ’17, Chris Meadows ’18, Jean Xiong ’17, and Madalyn Bryant ’17.

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A few of the many images to be found in the Memphis Architecture Image Collection