Michael Stierer ’16 Presents Senior Thesis at Classical Association of the Middle West and South

a headshot of a young white male standing in front of a stone wall
Michael Stierer ’16

Michael Stierer ’16 presented his senior thesis at the meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South on Oct. 29 in Decatur, GA.  Stierer’s paper titled “The Social Status of Roman Doctors:  An Epigraphical Evidence-Based Approach” was selected by a panel of faculty among those submitted anonymously for review. He analyzes the funerary inscriptions of ancient Roman doctors found in the city of Rome itself, compiling statistics of ethnicity and social class. Prof. David Sick of Greek and Roman Studies served as Stierer’s research advisor. 

Stierer presently works as medical informatics analyst for the University of Maryland medical system.  He plans to attend medical school in the future.