Mortar Board Welcomes New Members

a large group of students in front of a yellow, Mortar Board banner
The Mortar Board 2016

The Torch Chapter of Mortar Board at Rhodes College recently inducted 37 new members. Only a select few students on each campus are invited to join this esteemed society, which recognizes achievements in scholarship, leadership and service.  Mortar Board was founded in 1918 and the Torch chapter at Rhodes was established in 1964.

The Rhodes chapter welcomed the following students on April 6:

Ozakh Ahmed
Lily Kate Anthony
Erin Bailey
Olivia Butler
Anna Grace Claunch
Victoria Conklin
Amanda Crist
Mary Crowell
Amanda DellaGrotta
Rebecca Dill
Carolyn Dishuck
McKenzie Drake
Grant Ebbesmeyer
Jill Fredenberg
Julia Hamilton
Tyler Harvey
Jay Hedges
Samuel Holder
Eilidh Jenness
Brooks Lamb
Patrick Leavey
Ritika Mazumder
Madeleine McGrady
Abigail Norris
Rahul Peravali
Saniya Rashid
Kendall Reed
Maddie Russo
Maiar Salameh
Breanna Sommers
Sylvie Sontheimer
Kelsey Sweeney
Albert Vacheron
Kirkwood Vangeli
Meaghan Waff
Jolie-Grace Wareham
Haobo Yang