New Edition of “Black Politics in Conservative America” by Prof. Marcus Pohlmann Now Available

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Dr. Marcus Pohlmann, emeritus professor of political science, wrote Black Politics in Conservative America in the 1990s, and for many years he taught a course at Rhodes titled Black Politics. The book has been used at colleges and universities across the country, and it recently has been released in its fourth edition by Sloan Publishing.
Black Politics in Conservative America provides a historical overview of Black people's socioeconomic position in American society and in the postindustrial class structure, as well as outlines a political agenda for change, according to the publisher.

The fourth edition includes a new preface and fully updated facts and analysis, including a detailed discussion of the Obama presidency.

The book is timely, especially in light of the most recent uprisings occurring across the United States and the world centered around racial injustice.

The fourth edition can be purchased on the Sloan Publishing website, and Pohlmann is available to discuss any and all of the book’s conclusions. He can be reached at