Please Judge These Books By Their Covers

a collage of four people placing book covers in front of their faces
Bookface campaign images

Back in the day, when librarians were known largely as stern book marms, students were more likely to get shushed than anything else. Fast forward to the digital age, and librarians operate on the cutting edge of technology, far beyond the limitations of the Dewey Decimal Classification. Kenan Padgett, interlibrary loan and information services specialist at Paul Barret, Jr. Library at Rhodes, adds some creativity to that mix.

Padgett has composed a series of images inspired by #bookfacefriday, a popular Instagram site. She posts the photos on the library’s Facebook page and has spine enough to share them with Rhodes magazine. The slogan for the social media postings? “Become enmeshed in a book.”

Check out the library's Facebook page to see the full collection.