Prof. Boyle Among Group of Scientists Warning of Primates’ Extinction

a middle aged white female professor smiling
Dr. Sarah Boyle of the Department of Biology

Dr. Sarah Boyle, assistant professor of biology and chair of environmental studies and sciences at Rhodes, is part of a team of 31 primatologists who have been analyzing the conservation status of 504 primate species from around the world. They have concluded that 60 percent of primate species face extinction as a result of hunting, mining, and other actions that destroy their habitats. 

“This study is a comprehensive examination of the threats to primates worldwide,” says Boyle. “It also draws attention to factors that should be considered in order to improve the dire outlooks for many primate species, while also acknowledging the growing human population and its needs.”  

The study was published in Science Advances on Jan. 18, and in less than 24 hours was picked up by several news outlets including The New York Times, BBC News, Time, and U.S. News and World Report. The researchers call for action to prevent extinction. Read the full article here.