Prof. Kreitner Honored by Hope House for Service Provided by Her Music and Healing Class

an older female professor proudly holding an award
Dr. Mona Kreitner

Dr. Mona Kreitner of the Rhodes Department of Music recently was honored with the Madge Clark Service Award presented by Hope House, a non-profit which assists children and adults impacted by HIV and AIDS.

For the last four years, students in Kreitner’s Music and Healing course have conducted music classes for the children at Hope House. In class, Rhodes students learn how music has played a role in psychological and physical healing throughout the ages. They discuss topics such as new age healing practices, Native American hoop dances, and shamanism. Out of class, students build positive relationships with the children who may be having expressive and communication problems. Teaching new songs, playing instruments, and singing with them encourage the children to communicate more easily. 

According to Kreitner “Music is a great medium for teaching teamwork and for allowing children to express their creativity.”