Prof. Rhiannon Graybill Publishes Book on Biblical Prophets Through a Modern Lens

a book cover that is gray and light pink that says "are we not men?"
Prof. Graybill's book cover

A new book by Prof. Rhiannon Graybill, assistant professor of religious studies and director of the gender and sexuality studies program, has been published by Oxford University Press. The book, Are We Not Men? Unstable Masculinity in the Hebrew Prophets, utilizes philosophy, psychoanalysis, horror films, and other aspects of pop culture to understand the biblical prophets.

Graybill holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from UC Berkeley, with a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. Her research interests include Hebrew prophetic literature, gender and sexuality in the Hebrew Bible, feminist and queer theory, and psychoanalysis and ancient Near Eastern literature.