Rhodes College Launches Summer Scholars Program for High School Students

Green trees, a person on a bike, and a statue in front of a stone building

Rhodes College is now accepting applications for the new Summer Scholars Program (SSP). The program provides current high school students and recent high school graduates meaningful, credit-bearing pre-college experiences. Students enroll in two-week, credit bearing courses that will prepare them for college-level instruction in a liberal arts context. Small classes will be taught in a variety of subjects by Rhodes professors who are nationally and internationally recognized scholars in their fields. Students will have the opportunity to prepare for college classes by engaging in college-level work and assignments.

"The Summer Scholars program is a unique opportunity for students anywhere in the world to experience the excellent teaching of Rhodes professors. These high school students will complete the course better prepared to enter college and with evidence of their ability to thrive in a college classroom setting, which will prove beneficial for applying to college,” says Dean of Admission J. Carey Thompson.

The classes will be taught remotely and include topics in psychology, music, computer science, art and art history, modern languages and literature, biology, history, educational studies, English, and chemistry. Optional evening lectures and workshops will also be offered.

In addition to coursework, students looking for additional preparation for college applications will have the option of attending interactive college prep sessions and individual online Admission interviews.

“Rhodes has a longstanding tradition of offering exceptional academic experiences for high school students. We are excited to expand those offerings through our Summer Scholars Program,” says Dean of Curricular Development Natalie Person.

“The Rhodes Summer Scholars Program is unique in that all courses are taught by our internationally recognized faculty and not by third party vendors. Enrolled students will experience the close learning that is essential to a liberal arts education.”

For additional information about the program, email summerscholars@rhodes.edu.