Rhodes’ McCoy Theatre Garners 11 Ostrander Nominations, Including Best Production for “Violet”

actors dancing and moving on stage in theater production

The annual Ostrander Awards salute the best in local community and college theater, and this year Rhodes’ McCoy Theatre received nominations in 11 categories of the college division. “Violet,” a musical based on “The Ugliest Pilgrim” was nominated for Best Production. Set in the 1960s, it tells the story of a young woman with a visible scar on her face as well as scars within who embarks on a journey to be healed.

The ceremony will be held Aug. 26 at the Orpheum Theatre. Awards will be given in a wide range of categories including acting, directing, and back-stage contributions. McCoy Theatre received nominations in the following categories: 

Set Design
“Violet” - Montana Pugh (in collaboration with The University of Memphis)

Lighting Design
 “Violet” - Emily Murphy

Music Direction
“Violet” - Tracy Thomas

Leading Actor in a Drama
 “Theophilus North” - Ryan Gilliam

Supporting Actress in a Musical 
“Violet” - Destiny Freeman

Leading Actress in a Musical
 “Violet”- Jenny Wilson

Supporting Actor in a Musical
 “Violet” - Jason McCloud
Leading Actor in a Musical
 “Violet” - Deon’ta White

Featured/Cameo Role
“Violet” - Jaylon Jazz McCraven

Excellence in Direction of a Musical
"Violet"- Karissa Coady
Best Production