Rhodes Mock Trial Teams Secure Historic Five Bids to Opening Round Championship Series

a diverse group of students in professional business attire
Rhode D Mock Trial Team Coached by Dane Wendell

Rhodes D mock trial team won the Louisville regional hosted by Bellarmine University Feb. 24. This and other successes at regional tournaments this year have earned the college five bids to the Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS). “This is a feat never before accomplished by Rhodes Mock Trial,” says Anna Smith, director of Mock Trial at Rhodes.  “Only one other program in AMTA history has finished a season with more bids—Miami University with six bids in 2010.”

With regionals over, now Rhodes has to organize two mock trial teams to compete in the Memphis opening round of the National Championship Tournament to be held March 17-19 in the D’Army Bailey Courthouse and sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA).

The top six teams from each ORCS tournament will advance to AMTA's National Championship Tournament to be held in Los Angeles, CA, in April.

2016-2017 Mock Trial Program Roster:

Joe Angelillo
Anna Baker-Olson (captain)
Max Bauder 
Jennifer Bitterly  
Turner Booth 
Anderson Brown 
Matthew Broussard 
Brian Burgess 
Matthew Busbice 
Ben Chappell 
Josh Clardy 
Meredith Clement 
Michael Combs 
JD Deming
Devin Dunkley (captain)
Corbin Eilmes (captain)
Daniel Elliott
Emily English 
Ethan Fox 
Harleigh Gathright 
Jess Gaughan 
Matthew Hobbs
Sam Holder (captain)
Hannah Hornsey (captain)
Connor Hurley (captain)
Brandon Johnson 
Richard Madden 
Sean Mattheisen  (captain)
Elizabeth McAninch
Jamarr McCain 
Kelsey McClain 
Ian McCormick 
Kensey McGlasson
Conner McKnight 
Chris Meadows  (captain)
Zach Monroe 
Allissa Patton 
Jeena Piriano
Alec Pollard 
Ashley Plunk (captain)
Christian Roberts
Nathan Robinson 
Ried Roshong 
Jacob Rothschild
Tofu Schmude
Fisher Smith 
Alex Schramkowski 
Lillie Stephens 
Faith Udobong 
Jimmy Veloso 
Gary Whittaker
Shehla Yousuf (captain)

Coaches: Ian Hunley, Marcus Pohlmann, Anna Smith, Dane Wendell, Amelia Yeomelakis