Rhodes Students Earn Distinction, Far Exceed Average Pass Rate in National Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Exam

Rhodes’ Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program (BMB) recently received results about its senior majors who took the 2020 certification exam administered by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). 

Ninety-three percent of the Rhodes students who took the exam in March passed, with 53 percent achieving certification with distinction.

Of the 926 students across the nation who took the exam this year, about 40 percent met the threshold for degree certification, according to Dr. Larryn Peterson, chair of the BMB program at Rhodes. Only 16 percent of students met the threshold for certification with distinction.

“We were thrilled to learn how well our students did this past spring on the certification exam,” she says. “Their performance confirms the strength of our faculty and program and places us among the top B.S. and B.A-granting programs in the nation. These results also show that our graduates are equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills to be competitive in BMB-related careers.”

In 2017, the Rhodes’s BMB program received accreditation by ASBMB, which is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization with more than 11,000 members. The accreditation affirms that Rhodes fulfills or exceed national standards, and it provides students the opportunity to be awarded an ASBMB-certified degree upon successful completion of a scored examination.

Only 90 programs in the United States are accredited by ASBMB.