Seniors India Nikotich and Cameron Sandlin Nominated for Luce Scholars Competition

head and shoulder images of two students, side by side

Rhodes’ Postgraduate Scholarship Committee has nominated India Nikotich ’19 and Cameron Sandlin ’19 for the 2019-2020 Luce Scholars competition.  Rhodes is one of only 75 colleges and universities eligible to make nominations for the nationally competitive fellowship supported by the Henry Luce Foundation in New York. 

The annual selection of 15 to 18 Luce Scholars is a rigorous process. Once selected, Luce Scholars are expected to gain new perspectives and cultural insights about their host countries through immersive living and working experiences in Asia for one year.

Nikotich, who is from San Antonio, TX, is majoring in international studies and history at Rhodes. Sandlin is majoring in German and history & international studies. She is from Memphis. 

“I applied for the Luce because I have always wanted to live in Asia, but as a Spanish-speaker and student of Latin America, I feared my limited language skills and inexperience would hold me back from realizing that dream,” says Nikotich.  “If selected, I would get the chance to learn a new language and be placed in a professionally competitive job in my field of interest. Getting to drill into a new culture and community for one intense year of work would be challenging and life-changing.”

The 2019-2020 Class of Luce Scholars will be notified in February.