Student Mentor Profile: Issy Tschurr ’20 Helps Students Navigate the First-Year Experience

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Junior Issy Tschurr describes herself as a nurturer, and it’s certainly been true at Rhodes. Through both her student employment and the student organizations she has joined, Tschurr has found herself in leadership and mentoring roles that help students feel at home on campus and inspire their confidence and growth. 
In her job as an overnight coordinator for the Office of Admission, Tschurr is responsible for pairing prospective students with current students to stay with while visiting Rhodes. “When you first come to school, you can feel like a nomad of sorts, and for seniors in high school, I pick hosts based on who I think they would vibe well with. I always try to make their visit comfortable by recommending nearby places to eat, and I help them figure out some activities to do on and off campus.” 
Tschurr also is a peer assistant leader through the Office of New Student Programs and Leadership where she helps newly admitted students get to know each other, the campus, and the resources available to them. Peer assistants work during Rhodes’ summer orientation program, known as Open Rhodes. “Open Rhodes is cool, because that’s my first interaction with all the students after they decide to come to Rhodes,” says Tchurr. Peer assistants also devote ample time during the year on programming initiatives that aid in the overall development of first-year students.  
A graduate of Ursuline Academy in Dallas, TX, Tschurr chose Rhodes after touring the campus: “I got the feeling of home when I first visited campus, and that is why I started working in Admission. I wanted everyone else who visited Rhodes to have similar experiences/feelings that I had many moons ago when I visited.”

Tschurr is pursuing an economics major and a mathematics minor, and says, “I like being an econ major because it gives me a different outlook. Econ is the study of how people make decisions from their limited resources, an example being decisions based on money, time, utility (happiness) et cetera.” 
In addition, Tschurr has been elected as new member educator for her sorority, a position that involves helping students become acclimated with others in Greek life. 
“When I was a freshman, I didn’t see myself taking on all these roles. Rather, I saw myself sticking with my major,” says Tschurr. “Volunteerism is a part of my life now that will follow me when I graduate.  Working with students who are visiting Rhodes overnight, as well as being a PA leader and working for my sorority, I’ve been able to observe students who’ve transitioned from their senior year in high school to their first-year in college. I’ve enjoyed seeing students grow and create their own identities on this campus.” 
Tschurr adds that prospective students can experience Rhodes by scheduling a visit. For more information, go to

By Meg Jerit ’20