Students Selected to Travel Abroad as Mertie W. Buckman International Interns

group of six college students
(from left) Sara Weeks ’20, Seongjoon Hwang ’21, Caitlin Gaine ’20, Jessica Frankl ’20, Phyu Khine ’20, Kristin Morris ’20
(not pictured: Sarah Eiland ’20)

Seven students have been selected as Mertie W. Buckman International Interns, who will have an opportunity to work in a country of their choosing in the summer of 2019. This competitive scholarship-based program is coordinated by members from the Rhodes’ Department of International Studies, Career Services, and the Buckman Center for International Education.

Initiated at the college in 1994 by a generous gift from the Buckman family, the Mertie W. Buckman International Internship Program is for outstanding sophomores and juniors majoring in international studies. Applicants must have a minimum overall/major GPA of 3.3 and relevant foreign language skills. The program includes an eight-week internship with a stipend for additional travel and two hours of Rhodes College credit.

The 2019 Mertie W. Buckman International Interns are as follows:  

Sarah Eiland ’20
Hometown: Mobile, AL
Intended Destination: South Africa

“I am hoping to get an internship in Cape Town, South Africa, with an organization that works to combat and address historical conflicts in the present, through policies, research, or outreach. I’d like to see how people and societies around the world deal with difficult legacies, because in the future I want to grapple with similar questions in my work. I am extremely grateful for and excited about this opportunity provided by the Buckman family.”

Jessica Frankl ’20
Hometown: Hillsborough, CA
Intended Destination: South Africa

“I will be going to Cape Town, South Africa, to work in the Cape Flats public school system and to learn more about different educational policies aimed at ending racial and ethnic achievement gaps in schools.”

Caitlin Gaine ’20
Hometown: Wantagh, NY
Intended Destination: Ireland

“I hope to intern with an international NGO in Dublin that works on humanitarian and urban development issues. I am very thankful for this opportunity, and feel confident that it will advance my professional development as an international studies major.”

Joon Hwang ’21
Hometown: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Intended Destination: Singapore

“I will be traveling to Hong Kong or Singapore to intern at a demography-related nonprofit. During my time there, I hope to learn about and research the local demographics’ effects on international relations. I am incredibly thankful to the Buckman family for this opportunity to experience more of the world.”

Phyu Khine ’20
Hometown: Mandalay, Myanmar
Intended Destination: Germany

“I have been taking German classes at Rhodes and hope to improve speaking the language with the internship. I am looking for an internship with a focus on advocacy groups and non-governmental organizations, particularly one that focuses on immigrant and refugee resettlement or human rights advocacy groups. I believe that the Mertie W. Buckman International Internship Program will not only provide me with the international experience so essential to an international studies student, but also give me valuable professional experience.”

Krisin Morris ’20
Hometown: Cabot, AR
Intended Destination: South Africa

“I plan to intern with an organization in South Africa focused on urban development and planning. I’m excited to spend eight weeks immersed in a new culture, gaining work experience in a field I’m interested in and meeting people as passionate about urban development as I am.”

Sara Weeks ’20
Hometown: Spring Hill, TN
Intended Destination: Greece

“As a Buckman intern, I plan to travel to the Greek island of Lesvos, where the refugee camp Kara Tepe is located. There I will be working as an intern to help with everyday camp functions and potentially aiding with English classes.”