With a World of Choices, Landon Fulton Chooses Rhodes

image of Landon Fulton sitting outside on Rhodes College campus

The best learning opportunities are not measured by miles. That’s why Memphis-area resident Landon Fulton ’27 chose to get a world-class liberal arts education right at home at Rhodes College. And his decision was made after having been accepted to 31 colleges across the country and being offered more than $1 million in scholarships.

When asked about his achievement in being sought after by so many prestigious schools, Fulton credits his mother with teaching him perseverance:  “I come from humble beginnings,  but I always work hard. I am determined.”

Fulton, who recently graduated from Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering, was attracted to attending a smaller liberal arts college for its close-knit community. “The biggest reason I chose Rhodes is because I wanted to be in a community where my professor knows who I am, I know who my classmates are, and I know who my peers are. And I’m able to grow relationships with them.”

At Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering, Fulton served as president of the National Honor Society and president of the Student Government Association. He is the recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship from Rhodes, which is a merit-based award.

Fulton wants his own business one day—maybe one involving an ice cream parlor or franchise. “I’ve  always loved ice cream,” he said. “I was told by my high school teacher that Rhodes has a renowned business and economics program, and I am leaning toward that as a major.”

After delving into coursework, Fulton will have opportunities to put his liberal arts knowledge to work through on-campus fellowships, research projects, community service, and internships.

When asked what he would tell students who are coming from out of town to attend Rhodes, Fulton said, “There are a lot of good things that go on in the communities and plenty of places in Memphis where you can eat good food, be with people, attend museums, play sports, and so on. I would also tell them there’s a lot of history in the city of Memphis and to go and find out about that history, whether it’s  about art, food, music, or civil rights.”

Rhodes graduates are life-long learners, and many stay to work in Memphis after graduation. Fulton is ready to discover more about his home and is looking forward to beginning his journey at Rhodes. “I want to be a part of the community and a part of its legacy,” he said.