Foundation Credits: 5 Classes that "Double Dip"

The Rhodes Foundations Curriculum provides 12 requirements of a liberal arts education that students must meet in order to graduate. Each student must take at least one class that meets each requirement (F1, F2, etc.) Rhodes offers many courses that satisfy more than one foundation requirement. These courses that “double dip” foundations credits exemplify the liberal arts education by providing students with out-of-the-box course material.

Courses that “double dip” foundation credits

Art 151: Survey of Western Art F3, F5

History 275: Making of Modern Middle East F3, F9

Religious Studies 255: Religious Traditions of India F1, F9

Physics 111: Fundamentals of Physics F6, F7

Music 119: Music of Latin America F5, F9

For a complete list of the requirements, go to the Foundations Curriculum.