It’s National Chemistry Week at Rhodes

The Rhodes chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is celebrating National Chemistry Week Oct. 21-27. Megan Hotard ’14, a chemistry major and executive board member for the Rhodes ACS chapter, has organized this year’s events.

The main event is a poster session on Oct. 21 in Frazier Jelke for local undergraduates. Students in the physical and biomedical sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics) will present their research.

Following opening remarks by Rhodes chemistry department chair Mauricio Cafiero, the best posters will be selected by faculty judges from Rhodes, Christian Brothers University, and the University of Memphis. The president of the local ACS chapter, Dr. Don Bashford, will give closing remarks.

Hotard says this event will be a great networking opportunity for all students interested in the study of science. She hopes that it will “educate students regarding all the exciting research opportunities around them” and “help them gain the resources necessary to contact students involved in research that they are interested in.” Additionally, she hopes that the event will strengthen the bonds between Rhodes’ science departments and those of other local schools.

Other events taking place during National Chemistry Week include a movie night in which a chemistry related film will be screened, a national mole day celebration in honor of Avogadro’s number (the number of particles found in one mole of a substance), and different trivia games relating back to the mole.

The week’s events are open to all majors. Hotard encourages anyone who is interested to attend.

(information compiled by Rhodes Student Associate Sophie Anderson ’15)