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42 Rhodes College Graduates Accepted to Medical School in 2018

Rhodes College graduates have been admitted to some of the nation’s top medical schools in 2018. The national liberal arts college has one of the top medical school acceptance rates in the nation. Eighty-six percent of Rhodes graduates with a GPA greater than 3.4 and an MCAT score greater than 57 percent have been accepted to medical school over the last five years. 

Andrew Nguyen ’18 during Commencement at Rhodes College

Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Hook ’11 Brings NASA Science Down to Earth

Elizabeth Hook ’11 works at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center where she uses her Rhodes physics degree to communicate scientific ideas to non-scientists. She recently won the NASA Earth Science Atmosphere Labs Award for Outstanding Performance in Outreach & Mentorship and is currently helping to develop a training program on responding to natural disasters.
Woman stands at a podium that says NASA

Alumni Spotlight: Steve Ash ’06 Develops Technology for Good

After graduating with a degree in computer science at Rhodes College, Steve Ash ’06 earned an M.S. and Ph.D. and now works at Amazon in Seattle. He recently was one of sixty-five professionals who participated in the Tegan and Sara Foundation's Queer Health Hackathon, one example of his belief that technology can be used for good.
Man looks at camera on balcony in front of a partial Seattle skyline on a cloudy day.

Seniors Shine at Summer Start-Up Competition

Over the summer, Andrea Hargrove ’19 and Seabelo John ’19 participated in an entrepreneurial competition at The University of Memphis known as Imagine U. Backed by a collegiate and community partnership, Imagine U is an 80-day start-up accelerator. 
senior students standing in front of a banner

Sakura Horiuchi '19 Awarded BlueCross Diversity Scholarship

Sakura Horiuchi ’19, a chemistry major at Rhodes College, was recently selected as a 2018 recipient of the BlueCross Power of We Scholarship. The scholarship awards $10,000 each to three outstanding minority students pursuing careers in the health care field. 
female student in lab coat in laboratory