Dr. Shana Stoddard and Lab Students Discover Antiviral That Could Aid in COVID-19 Treatment

Teaching remotely, Dr. Shana Stoddard and her first-year lab students found an antiviral compound that may be able to shorten the length of illness for patients with COVID-19. They also figured out how to design the drugs to interact with the coronavirus protein better to facilitate better drug design. The students' work was published  in the Journal Viruses on August 26.

Rhodes College Team Awarded National Science Foundation Grant to Establish Campus-Wide Research Computing Center

Rhodes will have a new supercomputing center, thanks to a two-year National Science Foundation (NSF) grant of $389,662. Dr. Brian Larkins, associate professor of computer science, is principal investigator, and José Rodriguez, chief information officer, is co-principal investigator for the project, which is titled “CC* Compute: A High-Performance Computing Cluster To Accelerate Research, Education, And Training At Rhodes College.”

Demi Shamsi-Basha ’22 Does Her Part to Lessen the Impact of COVID-19

Despite the pandemic putting a halt to hospital internships and fellowships this summer, Demi Shamsi-Basha ’22 remained committed to public health and to helping the Memphis community. Volunteering on the front lines of Church Health’s drive-through COVID-19 testing site at Crosstown Concourse, the neuroscience major has borne witness to the realities of the pandemic in Memphis and the vigorous citywide efforts to slow the spread.

Rhodes College Professor Receives NEH Grant for Medieval Spanish Literature Project

Dr. Clara Pascual-Argente, L. Palmer Brown Chair in Interdisciplinary Humanities and associate professor of Spanish at Rhodes College, has been awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant, together with Dr. Emily Francomano of Georgetown University, to support work on an edition and translation of two medieval Iberian narratives about fictional king Apollonius of Tyre. Their work will appear in the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library collection, published by Harvard University Press.

Rhodes Welcomes New 2020 Faculty

Rhodes College welcomes 10 new faculty to its distinguished roster for the 2020-2021 academic year in the areas of biology, history, modern languages and literatures, political science, psychology, sociology, and religious studies.

Aaron Weist ’21 Works to Alleviate Homelessness Through Memphis Continuums of Care Program

Aaron Weist '21 spent the summer interning remotely for the lead organization for the Memphis Continuums of Care program, a national organization committed to ending homelessness by developing strategies in the specific communities in which it is based. Says Weist, “Rhodes has provided me with so much knowledge about the state of the U.S. and how far we are from achieving true equality. Memphis has not only given me the opportunity to see systemic differences on a large scale, but has so many wonderful nonprofits making a real difference that it’s easy to get involved with something you’re passionate about.”

Taking a Chance Turns Into Unexpected Opportunity for Rhodes Alumna Molly Mulhern ’18

Molly Mulhern has proven that you never really know where a job might take you. The Austin, TX, resident had been working as an event coordinator after graduating from Rhodes in 2018, but she found herself out of a job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With much of the economy shut down, she wasn’t having success finding employment—until one day she stumbled upon a posting for a candlemaker at a Texas beeswax candle company. What happened next is buzz-worthy.

Brian Burgess ’20 Gives Winning Verdict on Rhodes Mock Trial Program

Despite the Rhodes Mock Trial team not being able to compete in the American Mock Trial Association National Championship Tournament for the first time in 33 years due to COVID-19, recent graduate Brian Burgess says that membership on the nation’s most successful collegiate mock trial team for four years was about more than trophies.