The Bridge to Everywhere

By Lynn Conlee

The road to Freedom Preparatory Academy is rough. Abandoned buildings, a decrepit drive-in movie theater, and boarded up houses, sporadically interrupted by still-vibrant shopping centers and fast-food joints, line Highway 61 South. But on a residential street just to the west of the highway, tidy ranch houses with manicured lawns ring a brick school building with gleaming orange and blue doors that bear Freedom Prep’s logo—a bird in flight, a fitting symbol for the five-year-old charter school where the freedom to soar academically awaits each student.

Art Works

Ellie Skochdopole ’15 recieves internship at the Smithsonian.

Entrepreneur Evan Katz ’15 Designs New App for Those in a Pickle

In a position where you don’t know what to do?

Evan Katz ’15, a business major, has been working to help those in a quandary by turning his idea for an app into a reality. The new application is called Pickle, and he hopes it will provide a fun escape for college students as well as serve a greater purpose for those “in a pickle.”